Plant-based Ayurvedic Cooking

Series in 2020

A plant-based diet is good for the environment and good for our bodies.  Even if you are not a vegetarian, eating more of a plant-based diet generally benefits health.  There is no greater wealth than health and food truly is your best medicine. What you put into your body today creates happy healthy body tissues for today and tomorrow! 

In order to maximize the positive medicinal effects of food, Ayurvedic cooking pays special attention to the ingredients as well as the proper, loving, conscious preparation of your meals.  Good food, well prepared can nourish, heal, and even change our mood. This 3-part cooking series explores basic Ayurvedic principles as they apply to our daily lives and needs in the kitchen.  Each 2 hours class includes samples of delicious meals and healthy treats along with a collection of easy-to-use recipes you can enjoy at home.   

All cooking classes are held at SBCAST, 513 Garden Street, studio H, Santa Barbara. ($55 each class) 

Cleansing with Kitchary, March 1st, 6-8pm @ SBCAST, Santa Barbara

Prepare Kitchary, the signature meal of Ayurveda.  Known for its detox ability, kitchary reduces cravings for junk food and empty calories by implementing all 6 satisfying tastes; sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent.  Study the use of proper spices, teas, and chutneys (sauces) to create rich varieties of healthy Kitchary for every occasion. Learn to make a tasty “Liquid Diet” drink and commit one day a week to resetting your digestion for a more vital metabolism.  (Serving:  Mung dhal Kitchary with seasonal vegetables, chutneys (sauces), Digestive/detox tea, spices for all body-types).  

Increase Energy and Immunity, March 8th, 6-8pm @ SBCAST, Santa Barbara

Ayurveda believes that some foods have the ability to strengthen our bodies and increase our stamina. Explore yummy foods that have positive medicinal qualities and enhance your Ojas (Immunity) while you build a kitchen of “must have” ingredients to support a healthier you. 

Ayurvedic Breakfasts-Tuesday, March 15 th, 6-8pm @ SBCAST, Santa Barbara

Tired of toast or oatmeal?  Create simple but tasty breakfast options that are quick and easy to prepare.  Your first meal sets up an energetic foundation for the rest of the day, so start out happy, healthy, and satisfied.  (Serving:  Quinoa savory and sweet, chia pudding with raspberries, stewed apples with crystalized ginger and mint, Ayurvedic “smoothies”.