Why should I study with the Maharani Academy? 

We offer the educational gold standard in this Pancha Karma vocational/technical training and are dedicated to help you graduate with joy, honor, and great success.  Our training leads to professional certification through Maharani Ayurveda, a PACE credit provider, and organizational member of NAMA, the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.  Your teacher, Corinna Maharani, has 25 years of practice offering Pancha Karma and 15 years of teaching experience.  This program is based on the knowledge and detailed study of Marma therapy and Sacred Bodywork™ and provides a comprehensive Pancha Karma training, unlike any other. 

There are less expensive, shorter trainings offered. Why should I choose the Maharani Academy for my PK training?

Maharani Academy provides you with a comprehensive certified 168-hour training that covers the depth and breadth of Ayurvedic principles, philosophy, and practices.  Its signature style of teaching focuses on building inner wisdom, precision touch, and the ability to create effective and transformative healing treatments. The training will teach you everything you need to know to run a profoundly satisfying and successful practice.   And you can retrieve your investment by offering two to three Pancha Karma sessions after you graduate.

What can I do with my training certification? 


Graduating students receive the title Pancha Karma Technician (CPT) and may administer Pancha Karma treatments with the guidance of a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAP), Ayurvedic doctor, or Vaidya. Technicians are able to administer a wide variety of healing modalities at a spa, clinic, or private practice. 

Students entering the program as professional massage therapists will receive the additional title of Ayurvedic Bodyworker (AVB). This certification allows students to perform all individual bodywork and massage techniques. 

Licensed Ayurvedic practitioners will also be awarded the title of Pancha Karma Therapist (PKT)and can then prescribe Pancha Karma treatments as an adjunct to their other treatment plan.

Do I need to have a massage license to join the training? 


In order to offer massage therapy, you must legally have an official massage license.  However, if you do not have a massage license you can still participate in the training and receive certification as a Pancha Karma technician or therapist. Massage therapy always requires a license, but other oil therapies or treatment services such as Shirodhara can be performed without a massage license.  You will not be receiving the title ABW, Ayurvedic bodyworker. The only requirement to join the training is that you must have some basic understanding of Ayurveda, which can be satisfied by studying "Ayurveda 101" through downloading the eBook and test, offered on this site, under "classes".  

Does this certification for this training allow me to treat disease or diagnose patients? 


No.  This training does not allow students to diagnose or treat disease, that is reserved to medical trained professionals. Students will learn how to work with health professionals, certified practitioners, Vaidyas or doctors, to support the patients’ optimal healing experience. 

Certification is granted after the completion of the entire program:

Part 1 - Complete 12 online classes, homework, and test

Part 2- Complete both 5-day Workshop Retreats

What do I need to earn my certification?

The class is a rich medley of hands-on techniques, self-exploration, and the vast study of ancient energy work. Students will learn a wide variety of treatments and their benefits and application for private and professional practice including subtle and more hands on techniques using pastes, aromas, sound, and touch therapy.  Yes, the training offers many personal and in-depth growth experiences and you can bypass all the related assignements and tests, which are otherwise required for certification.  

What might a student expect at the Workshop Retreat? 

If a student cannot complete the requirements in four months, he or she may be able to do so within one year’s time by viewing the 12 week course’s recorded material, completing the tests, reviewing the printed material and completing the related homework. The two 5-day workshop retreats can be completed within a year’s time as well. To be arranged.  

If I cannot complete the 12 week course and the 2 Workshop Retreats, can I still begin and eventually graduate? 

Yes.  Most PK trainings focus only on the technical aspects of Pancha Karma.  Sacred Bodywork™ together with Marma therapy addresses healing the patient’s body, mind and spirit in a truly complete, deep reaching, and blissful way. It’s an entirely new level of practice and study.   



Is the combination of Sacred Bodywork™ and Marma therapy into the Pancha Karma training a unique offering? 

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