What is Sacred Bodywork™?

Sacred Bodywork ™ is the signature style of treatment developed by the Maharani Academy. It is based on a deep understanding that the body is by nature energetic and transformable. The body is our sacred temple. Sacred Bodywork™ uses reparative and rejuvenating therapies that transform the body, mind and spirit, with a particular emphasis on nurturing and soothing the nervous system. 

Healing occurs on multiple layers during a session as we implement different modalities, such as touch/bodywork, sound/Mantra, herbs and aromatherapy, to nourish all the senses. An intimate familiarity with the energetic centers of the body through the study of Marma therapy is vital in Sacred Bodywork™ and when practicing Pancha Karma therapy. 

Sacred Bodywork™ uses the knowledge of Marma points to consciously funnel energy in a particular way, to direct its flow toward creating more balance both physically and emotionally. This artful healing technique is perfected more fully in the ritual of Pancha Karma, the ancient Rejuvenation Cleanse and the gem of all Sacred Bodywork™, which is the primary focus of the Maharani Academy. 

Sacred Bodywork™ will lift you like a prayer to the sky and let you experience the beauty of your interconnectedness with your energetic and physical body... and all of life.


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Marma and Nadi

Marma Points (energetic centers) are considered the doorway through which Prana (life-force) flows into the body through channels called Nadis, bridging consciousness and matter, and nourishing all the organs and tissues with its healing energy.


How do we apply Sacred Bodywork™ and Marma Therapy in Pancha Karma?  

Students learn how to work with Marma points to create custom treatments for each client. The Pancha Karma treatment process unfolds innately within the ever-changing ocean of atoms which is the biochemistry of the patient. The Pancha Karma technician is a healing Artist who uses Ayurvedic modalities with insight and inspiration. During the session, the technician moves silently like a spirit and acts as fast as thought, anticipating each step with inner foresight. No session is ever alike, no patient ever the same. With seamless transitions, the Ayurvedic treatments are given as a sacred offering, while the technician holds a level of reverence the patient can feel, reminding of their Divine origin.    

"We can bring our spiritual practice into the streets, into our communities, when we see each realm as a temple, as a place to discover that which is sacred." Jack Kornfield