1: Inner Wisdom

Access your inner, pure consciousness, and tap into a fountain of intuitive wealth and understanding while performing Ayurvedic healing therapies. At the Maharani Academy, students learn how to follow their inner guidance and access their inner wisdom. By implementing different modalities into their lives as they study and train, they build confidence and skill that inspire and inform all that they do. Prana always guides us and with practice, we learn to tune in and allow it to speak to us and through us. We are all both teacher and student. Learning to connect to our inner wisdom is a joyful process of expanding trust. Over time, students find they achieve ease and grace as they perfect their ability to channel the flow of Prana toward that which needs to be balanced.  

2: Precision Touch

Students learn the ancient hands-on techniques and protocols with precision, to maintain the purity of this ancient knowledge. This rigorous and elegant approach is based on the wisdom of the founder's teacher, Vaidya R.K. Mishra, whose Ayurvedic lineage can be traced back 126 generations to when his family were the royal healers or Vaidya to the Maharajas and Maharanis at the royal court in ancient India. 

Practicing these techniques with precision also assures the effectiveness of the therapies. Precision applies to more than the touch on the body. The environment needs to precisely touch all of the senses, as every session is personalized to optimize the healing experience for the patient. The Marma points must be located and addressed exactly, and the person's body type and constitution must be evaluated with care. Only then can a session be truly customized to bring about transformative results. The Maharani Academy pays attention to all details to assure that high quality professional training follows authentic treatment and Pancha Karma protocols, always in accordance and with deep respect to the principles of this ancient healing tradition.

3: Healing Ceremony

At the Maharani Academy, each therapy is treated as a healing ceremony. Crafting a sacred healing space is crucial. Students learn how to create simple, beautiful, non-religious healing rituals by making the setting welcoming and soulful. All of the senses are to be addressed with loving care to optimize the patient’s healing reciprocity and to create an artful vessel for transformation. The Maharani Academy sees each healer as a conduit of wisdom and light, and each treatment they perform can be a milestone in someone’s healing. Healing Ceremonies are carefully designed as a customized personal experience in which Art, Beauty, and Healing are deeply interwoven.