Prerequisites for enrollment in the Pancha Karma training

1. If you have no previous background in Ayurveda:

Enroll in the online Ayurveda Fundamental course, Ayurveda 101. Study the basic principles of Ayurveda and to satisfy our basic requirements. Go to the link below and purchase the course and related course book, "The Essential Ayurveda eBook." Pass the test attached at the end of the ebook. Register for the training.


2. If you have a basic Ayurvedic study background through other instructors or institutions such as: 

Ayurvedic practitioner course work with Dr. R.K. Mishra and SVA

Correspondence course with Dr. Frawley, Dr. Lad, or Dr. Halpern

Summer Ayurveda workshops at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico or training programs at The California College of Ayurveda, Radiant Living or other certified institutions we recognize

Other NAMA approved schools or institutions

Extended Internships in India or long-term student relationships with a Vaidya

Note: We will review your application and credentials prior to acceptance. 


3. If you are already a practitioner of Ayurveda (CAP), an Ayurvedic health educator (AHE) a scholar of Ayurveda, or Vaidya

Each of the 12 students accepted in the training will have an enrollment interview with Corinna Maharani to personalize the course to suit your unique requirements and to address any questions.   


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